Virtual Lies (2012)
Christina Cox, Marc Menard & Quinn Lord

Directed by
George Erschbamer

The Internet becomes a tempting, but dangerous, playground of lies, deceit and seduction.

Jamie Chapman is a wife and mother who has been feeling a distance growing between she and her husband Will since he lost his job. She's shocked however, when she discovers that Will has been living another life - he's assumed an online identity and has been having a cyber affair with another woman, "AJ." What begins as a family dilemma soon takes on much more dangerous dimensions as Jamie and Will, still trying to salvage their battered relationship, realize that AJ is not going to let Will go quietly. AJ sets out to ruin Jamie's reputation at the youth center where Jamie works, manufacturing evidence of allegations of misconduct against her, as well as a superimposing Jamie’s face over an inappropriate video. AJ also starts stalking the couple, determined to destroy their relationship. If AJ can't have him, she's going to make sure that no one else does either. With the clock ticking, can Jamie save her husband in time?