Love at The Thanksgiving Day Parade
Jason Gedrick and Erica Cerra

Directed by
Terry Ingram

The woman in charge of Chicago’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade gradually falls in love with the man appointed by the city to restructure her beloved event.

Emily Rogers is working on the most important event of the year; the Thanksgiving Day parade that she grew up loving and has devoted her career to keep as an event that Chicago’s community will continue to appreciate like she does. Conflict arises when a consultant for the city, Henry Baldwin, comes along to question the financial revenue of the parade, and threatens that possible changes will be necessary if the costs exceed the revenue. Emily struggles to keep her life together as her five-year relationship with her boyfriend begins to crumble, and the existence of the parade is threatened. Henry, the one person who she doubted would be able to offer any support, begins to show himself as more than a consultant to the city, but the love of her life. Henry and Emily’s relationship blossoms from antipathy, to friends, to soul mates, as Henry eventually takes her side and saves the parade for her.