The Stepchild (2016)
Lauren Holly, Sarah Fisher, Keenan Tracey and Paul Johansson

Directed by
Roma Roth

A teenager begins to suspect that the new man in her stepmother's life may be the man responsible for her father's murder.

After spending months in hospital recovering from the injuries she suffered during a home invasion that claimed the life of her father, Ashley Bennett returns home plagued by fragmented memories of the night of the murder. When she begins to suspect that her father's business partner is up to no good, she enlists the aid of her boyfriend, Michael, to help her look into things. When her father’s former secretary disappears after asking to speak with her and she learns that John's wife died in an unusual accident, Ashley becomes convinced that John is behind her father’s murder and that her stepmother is in grave danger. But is Ashley simply suffering from post traumatic stress or is John really a cold-blooded killer?

The Stepchild
The Stepchild