Deadly Visions (Post-Production // 2013)
Deadly Visions
Status: Completed

Tricia Helfer, Estella Warren & David Cubitt

Written by
Roma Roth & Diana Mackenzie

Directed by
Roger Christian

Kate Aldrich, a successful architect struggles to take the high road for the sake of their daughter Izzy, since her husband, Dan Beckman, left her for stay-at-home mom, Laura.

Kate who is suffering from an anxiety disorder since being forced to accept joint custody of her daughter, Izzy starts to have terrible visions that someone is going to hurt her daughter. Convinced that Izzy is in danger from her new stepmother, Kate believes the visions are not anxiety attacks but premonitions. As the visions become more intense, Kate confides in her former mother-in-law, Dorothy who still holds a soft spot for her.

Worried that Kate’s condition is worsening, Dorothy breaks Kate’s confidence and tells Dan about the visions. Under additional pressure from Laura, Dan uses the information to argue that Kate is unstable and seeks sole custody of Izzy. Kate is devastated by Dororthy's betrayal and turns increasingly desperate as the visions intensify. Kate’s only ally is her attorney, Hugh Dinsmore, who reluctantly agrees to dig into Laura's past to help Kate with the custody battle.

When Dorothy dies in a terrible accident and Kate discovers a secret from Laura’s past she decides to take Izzy across the border to start a new life. When she is caught, it appears her visions may only be the hysteria of a disgruntled ex-wife. And when Dan is attacked and left for dead and Izzy and Laura disappear the truth is finally revealed we realize that all may not be as we first thought.